Randomly Out There

Randomly Out There

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    I'm Claire.

 Thanks for coming to my webpage!

   Why would I even have a webpage?

          Very good question.  

Random reasons - My book was just published, and here's a good place to center that.

I also do art work and am asked about "my" webpage. Until now, I stood mute in front of that question.

 Also, for no apparent reason, I write things.

  Usually those things remain hidden in my computer, as it seemed a sensible place. But now, I reason, that if one does not wish to read them, (these blogs), that they are free to skip them.

Nevertheless, they will now see the light of day ... 


At the moment I work in mosaics.

        Paper Mosaics  

I  rip, or wrip, or whrip up magazines.

   Then I glue or glob or glub them onto canvas.

    Far off they may look perhaps like an        Elephant, or a swan.

Up close they look like fun pictures of everything, or maps, or history.

I'm not finished with my urge to mosaic, and another is forming in my mind, even now.

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    O Best Beloved
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O Best Beloved
O Best Beloved