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Randomly Out There

Random bits of me

I am a Christian, a daughter of the King.

I love an Awesome God

And He is the center of my being.

The rest is random bits -

I am a reader. I keep many books going on at the same time, cluttering each room with new stories. I love going from one to another, just by changing locations.

Which may lead you to think I'm a bit scattered.

Hold that thought...

You might be on to something.

I homeschooled my children from birth to college, and finally ran out of students. So I homeschool myself.

I teach myself French, piano, violin. I teach myself how to rope with a lariat, shoot with a slingshot.

Nothing is too random.

I love my Tom.

We have been married since 1977, but I believe I have loved him since the day I was born. I had just not met him yet.

We were foster parents for almost 30 years.

We always have dogs.

I am immersed in poetry. If it is not being read or recited, it is going on in my head.

I love art, crocheting, needlework, writing.

I play like a fool in gymnastics.

In another life, I'd be a zookeeper

or work with elephants.

Our heroes are missionaries.

We work with missionaries from the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ to provide vehicles for their furloughs.

Look us up on

Stop by for a cupa tea...

My Book Bag


Bible ... Seriously the book that keeps on giving.

Beyond that in no particular order:

Little Women

Les Miserable

Le Petit Prince

Little Men

Fear No Evil

All Summer Long

The Art of Racing in the Rain

All Standing

Beautiful Joe

Street Boys

Once an Arafat Man

My Old True Love

Son of Hamas

The Plague Dogs

Poets I love:

Rudyard Kipling

Andrew Lansdown

Emily Dickinson

Billy Collins

Reading Wows-

Books by- Bill Bryson, Lorenzo Carcaterra,

Sarah Addison, James Herriot, Monty Roberts